Outstanding summer KS4 results

8th September 2017

The Elland academy is an Alternative Provision Free school academy that provides full and part-time education and support for children and young people in KS2-KS4 who for a variety of reasons are unable to access mainstream education. The most prevalent category of need identified is Social emotional and mental health (SEMH) and additionally described as being at risk of permanent exclusion. We work with 14 schools across the city and neighbouring Local authorities. There has been key support in disengagement, poor attendance and underachievement and with robust transition plans to Post 16 courses to ensure none become NEET.

• 95% of students managed to achieve 5 or more outcomes
• 5% achieved 5+ level 2 GCSE’s or equivalent
• 73% achieved level 2 Qualifications
• 48% achieved 5+ GCSE’s or equivalent
• 93% Achieved at least one level 1 Qualification
• 55% of students achieved level 1 in both English and Maths combined (grade 1-9)
• 5% of students achieved a standard pass in English and Maths (4+)
• 2% of students achieved a good pass in English and Maths (5+)
• 100% gained a pass in at least 1 qualification
• 16% Students achieved 8+ GCSE’s or equivalent
• 7 students achieved 10 or more qualifications
• 10 students achieved 9 qualifications
• 8 students achieved 8 qualifications
• 9 students achieved 7 qualifications

Maths Results August 2017
• 66% of our cohort left with GCSE maths. The other students completed functional skills entry level 3.
• 100% of students left with a qualification in maths.

• 83% managed to achieve a grade on the GCSE exam across all of our cohort.
• 38% of those who sat the exam achieved 1 grade higher than expected.

• 90% of students who sat the GCSE achieved a grade during the summer exam.
Success was seen across the curriculum with 100% pass rate seen in GCSE Art & Design, English Literature, Hospitality and Catering, Btech Sport, Hair and Beauty and Childcare.

The Head of Academy Alice Ngondi said “I am incredibly proud of the achievement of our pupils who have shown great resilience, hard work and commitment. These results are a testament that the hard work of both staff and pupils can achieve”. Once again the Elland academy results have exceeded National benchmarks for Alternative Provisions across England and Wales.