The AP Free School is a high quality intervention resource for academies and schools to support re-engagement, nurture and develop the engagement of pupils with their learning within a mainstream setting.

The majority of intervention placements within the AP Free School will be short term. Pupils receiving part-time/full-time support will remain on their current school role and therefore will be dual registered.

Learners will be supported by a Personal Learning Advocate, who will liaise with the community academy/school, parents/carers and the AP Free School. The admission of children and young people on to an AP Support Programme/Placement will be through a stringent referral process.

Baseline assessments and testing along with the family/carers views and the learner’s views will inform the development of a personalised learning programme. The personalised learning programme will be shared with all stakeholders and reviewed regularly.

There is an expectation that the majority of learners will return to community based education, and therefore following the review process, and with agreement a Reintegration Planning Meeting will take place to support a successful pathway back into mainstream provision.

Guidance on each stage is provided within the attached document below and further advice or guidance is available by contacting:

Admissions: Central Admissions Officer Tel no: 07535 253417


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