The AP Free School is a high quality provision that is available to all Academies and Schools with an aim to support re-engagement, and to nurture and develop the engagement of pupils within their learning.

Learners are supported by a Personal Learning Advocate who will liaise with the host school, parents/carers and other outside agencies or porviders. The admission of children and young people on to The Elland Academy is through a stringent referral process, further information can be obtained by contacting Mrs N Barratt on 0113 212 7010 or by emailing the academy using

Step 1 - Complete the referal document below and submit along with any supporting material.

Step 2 - Your application will be discussed during our Monday admission meetings.

Step 3 - We will contact you regarding our decision based upon your application which could be:

  • A conditional acceptance of placement which is to be followed by an arranged tour and meeting (Host school, young person and parent/carer must attend).
  • A place on our waiting list. 
  • A request for further information.
  • A fefusal of admission, reasons will be discussed with the host school.

Step 4 - Before a placement, the host school, young person and parent/carer must attend a school meeting and tour. During this time the allocated Personal Learning Advocate (PLA) will answer any questions and complete paperwork. The PLA will also discuss start dates, times and gather the views of all attending.

Step 5 - The young person will start at The Elland Academy and a review meeting will be planned for 4 weeks time.

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