Building Dens

Den Building

At the Elland Academy we believe education outside of the classroom can play a strong part in a broad based curriculum for our young people. It enables them to widen their experiences of the area, gain confidence, build positive strong relationships with their peers and the adults around them.

Experiences vary from local visits to museums and galleries to more adventurous activities such as canoeing, sailing and rock climbing.

The most recent trip involving den building in Middleton Woods. The students formed teams and were each given a limited set of apparatus- a length of rope and 2 bin liners. The challenge was to build a shelter using only found materials and the 2 items given. Judging the effectiveness of their den was done by all team members sheltering within it, then a litre of water was poured over the top to see if the students stayed dry. Needless to say, some of our students returned to the academy wet through!

That said, the day was enjoyable and the students thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor experience.