Sports Relief

On Friday the majority of students came in sports wear for sports relief, the students who came in non school uniform were asked to donate 50p on arrival for sports relief. During form time all students took part in a sports relief quiz, the students had to answer 15 sporting question and had to "guess the sport" as a fun final question where form tutors had to act out different sports and the students had one minute to guess as many sports as possible. The winning form was:

1st-Miss Knox, Mr Rashid and miss Excel

2nd- Mr Brown and Mrs Bertram

3rd- Mr Boyce and Mrs Priestly

During break on Friday some staff members were selling flapjacks and buns in order to raise money for sports relief. These were sold for 20p per flapjack and 10p per bun. The amount raised on Friday is to be found out in the near future