Assemblies at The Elland Academy

The assemblies at TEA have developed over the academic year. We have reflected on the themes we have chosen and the format we have undertaken. We began the academic year thinking about broader themes and the assemblies being delivered by the Senior Leadership Team. 

After the first half term we then evaluated the effectiveness and decided that there needed to be a more specific theme.  This was then further developed to ensure that British Values were explicitly incorporated within each assembly. Even though they were implicitly present within the themes that were chosen we decided that an explicit link makes it clearer to staff how we are addressing the different themes.

All staff are encouraged to undertake the delivery of an assembly, this is promoted within the academy and the quality of the assemblies has increased dramatically. We have had outside visitors contribute to our assemblies but we have also had a wide range of staff within the academy deliver assemblies.  Staff have risen to the challenge of delivering engaging and appropriate assemblies to our students. We have moved away from powerpoints as a method of delivery and this has suited the students much better. Many staff choose to do interactive assemblies that engage our more challenging students.

Each assembly has a moment of reflection to allow students time to consider the message of the assembly and to consider the impact on their lives. Many of our staff link the assemblies very closely to the community we serve so that the students see the concrete effect of the themes. This is much easier than it being an abstract concept as many of our students with learning needs struggle to understand. This ensures that our assemblies are accessible.

All staff are able to provide support and direct students to the most appropriate member of staff to support them if it is needed. Many of our assemblies are of a sensitive nature and can emotionally affect our students. Hence the need for a high level of support, all staff are also aware of the theme of the assembly to support students if the need arises.


At The Elland Academy we celebrate the achievements of our students each half term, whilst we have mini reward celebrations at the end of each day we recognise the need for a substantial period of celebration during assemblies. During these celebrations we celebrate not just academic endeavours but wider achievements.