The Elland Academy Primary Provision


The Elland Academy Primary Provision is due to be launched in December 2018 and will follow the Wakefield Authority published school calendar.

The Aim of Alternative Provision 

Our aim is to ensure the continued education of the children and young people in KS1 and KS2 in a supportive and nurturing education environment. It will cater for pupils who, because of the risk of exclusion or other reasons would not otherwise receive a suitable full time education.

In addition to providing education, the aim of the service is to support pupils to address any emotional and behavioural difficulties which affect their development and to help them develop emotional resilience. Children will have access to a range of behaviour support, counselling and therapeutic interventions to address these difficulties such as Play Therapy and Thrive. 

Our aim is to reintegrate all children into mainstream education where ever possible. We will directly provide the education and support service to best meet a pupil’s needs.


The Elland Primary Academy AP will cater for pupils who, because of risk exclusion or the possibility of not reaching their outcomes, would not otherwise receive a suitable full time education.  This will include:

  • Pupils who are unable to sustain a mainstream school place because of unmet needs in relation to their Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.
  • Pupils at risk of disengaging from mainstream education and/or being excluded from school.
  • Where pupils require additional support during negotiated transfers between mainstream schools.


The Elland Primary Academy AP will be child and young person centred and outcome focused.  Our aim is to achieve the following outcomes for pupils in receipt of the service:

  • Pupils are highly motivated and engaging in their education, increasingly enjoying learning with confidence in their academic ability.
  • Pupils regularly attending. 
  • Pupils have emotional resilience and improved behaviour.
  • Pupils make good progress and achieve stretching academic attainment targets.
  • Pupils are able to access mainstream education settings.
  • Parents are supported and positively engaged with the AP service and their child’s education.

Working with others

The Elland Primary Academy AP participates in a partnership and a multi-agency approach. This will include active participation in the development of strategies and plans about behaviour and nurture support.

The AP’s team has positive relationships not only with Key Workers in the schools in which we work, but also with many agencies and other professionals.  These agencies are either already working with the children and families when they are referred to us, or we have signposted to them during interventions.

We deal with the following agencies and professionals:

  • Social Care Teams
  • Speech and Language
  • Learning Support Service
  • Social Emotional and Mental Health Team
  • Communication Interaction and Access Team
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)


Parents/carers are actively encouraged to be involved in the education/support plan discussions and progress reviews.  The team will be in regular contact with parents/carers often daily contact will be made. 

The Elland Primary Provision is based in Knottingley and serves the local schools of;

  • Simpsons Lane Academy – Knottingley
  • England Lane Academy - Knottingley
  • The Vale Primary Academy - Ferrybridge
  • Willow Green Academy - Ferrybridge


This is made up of half -day session for teachers, teaching assistants and/or parents to seek advice on any concerns regarding pupil progress and appropriate next steps including strategies, resources, and referrals to external agencies.

Intervention Work

Attend school on a weekly basis to support/train staff in running a six weeks intervention i.e., Literacy, Numeracy, implementing visual timetables or social skills group.

Family Support

Ability to support families with strategies to use in the home to promote attendance, daily routine or concerns they have and how to address them, support through the ECHP application process. 

Current Primary Academies engaging with the service

Green Lane Prmary Academy –

Simpsons Lane Academy–

England Lane Academy -

The Vale Academy -