Sports & LOC

Learning Outside of the Classroom

In KS3 students get a chance to experience a programme of study centred on developing a number of skills that help them enrich their understand of the outdoor environment. Students work on blocks of activities which would include indoor climbing, orienteering, first aid, map skills, team building activities, bush craft and camping skills.

Taking part in these activities will help to develop teambuilding, raising self-esteem, problem solving, working with others and improving their own learning. Throughout the course the aim is to develop tasks to meet each student’s individual needs. 


In KS3 students work through a range of different sports and activities as part of the curriculum. Students use local facilities to work through a range of different topics that incorporate the national curriculum.  Students will work on football, rugby, cricket, tennis and badminton to develop a range of skills and increase their awareness of the games.  Students are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities and sport outside of school.  Students are encouraged to take part regularly in exercise to help contribute to a healthy active lifestyle.

In KS4 students have a core lesson which is primarily to encourage participation in a healthy active lifestyle. They use a range of local facilities to take part in a number of sporting activities.  Year 11 students have been working through a soccer stars programme to develop football skills through individual tasks.  This is linked to an FA award.  Year 10 are currently following an ASDAN course with positive futures.  

Vocation Year 10 & 11 

As part of our option process students can chose to follow the BTEC Sport and Active Leisure course.  This course is mainly practical based with some elements of written work to analyse performance and show understanding of key topics.  Students work through a range of team and individual sports.  They also complete a block on exercise and fitness sessions and look at what is available in the community. 


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