Teaching and Learning

Centre Aims and Objectives for Learning:

The quality of learning is the most important aspect of the Elland Academy whether in terms of modifying inappropriate behaviour(s) and/or developing in terms of academic progression, and the quality of teaching is one of the most important factors contributing to this.

Within national and local constraints, the Elland Academy aims:

To allow learners to make progress in their learning which will be deemed good or better by national standards and also in relation their on-entry assessments;

To lay the foundations for a lifetime of learning through providing active, challenging and enjoyable learning experiences for learners who will be involved in and aware of the process of learning and become increasingly independently responsible for their learning;

To engender a positive approach to learning;

To train, develop and support teachers in their vital role of unlocking the fundamental skills, knowledge and potential in the learners;

To promote the use of resources which stimulate the motivation to learn;

To promote the organisation of appropriate learning situations which will bring about maximum learner involvement.

The policies, procedures and plans for the curriculum, learning (objectives, resources, processes, organisation of learning situations) and assessment should complement each other in order to provide a cohesive experience for learners and teachers.

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