Animal Therapy

Numerous studies have shown the impact and benefit of animal-assisted interventions in schools. By introducing animals in to schools, a range of moral, spiritual and educational benefits for the child can be observed.

Pets in schools have been found to:

  • Motivate pupils to learn and think
  • Encourage respect for life
  • Foster a sense of empathy and responsibility in children
  • Teach children how to nurture, care for and love all life
  • Lead to the development of hobbies and potential careers in animal care
  • Improve academic achievement

Over the last year, we have been developed our outdoor spaces on both our primary and secondary sites.

At The Elland Primary site we have been developing a vegetable plot and garden area on which we are housingĀ a small flockĀ of bantams that we have hatched from eggs. We also have a family of guinea pigs that pupils help to maintain, and interact with on a daily basis.

On our secondary site we have an academy hamster and a therapy dog in training, both of which are used as part of our therapeutic interventions, supporting students in resetting their emotions