"Thrive provides the tools, skills and insights needed to help children become more emotionally resilient"

Thrive is used at The Elland to identify emotional developmental needs within groups and for individual students.  We use Thrive-Online which is a web-based assessment and action planning tool with the teams of staff who work with the child, at regular Key Stage ‘Spotlight Meetings’.  These meetings allow us to plan differentiated provision to develop student’s emotional and social skills and to share ideas and strategies across the curriculum.

Most groups at TEA are assessed against age-related expectations and staff implement the action plans into their classrooms.  These assessments quickly allow us to identify those students who need more specific support so that we can draw up individual action plans to meet their needs in smaller group sessions.  Thrive-Online also allows TEA to clearly evidence the progress in emotional and social skills, that groups of students and individuals are making.

Thrive has also enabled the Licenced Lead Practitioners in school to lead staff CPD sessions to help staff to understand what student behaviour communicates.  These sessions have also encouraged staff to make use of their relationships with children to enhance their well-being and re-engage with learning and life.

In Summer 2022, The Elland Academy was awarded Thrive Ambassador status in all five key areas and identified as a School of Excellence. For more information follow the link here to The Thrive Approach website, and the impact of Thrive in our academy.