Welcome to The Elland Academy Art department

‘Experimental play is the key to the visual arts at the Elland Academy. Students, guided by the teacher are allowed to discover creative methods practically, in order to re-enchant and connect with their own essential creativity’.

Therapeutic Art

The aim of Therapeutic Art at the Elland Academy is to find the ‘medium of choice’ for each individual student. When found and realised, the students own language of expression can then be given free reign and an inner dialogue is allowed voice as visual art.

GCSE Art and Design

In line with the Elland Academy philosophy, the GCSE Art course is transformed into an experimental arena, where the student can find and develop his/her own interests and skills while exploring two coursework projects. These two projects are the learning and preparation for the final exam in the summer which is prepared for with guidance and help from the teacher.

Key Stage 3

For years 7-9, skills and confidence are focused upon, here at the Elland. A range of short and medium projects allow the students to encounter a whole host of concepts and techniques that rebuild both confidence and interest in the culture of expression.