Welcome to the English department

Here at the Elland Academy, the priority of the English Department is to enable all students to reach their full potential. Varied and engaging schemes of work have been developed in line with the National Curriculum to foster a love of learning and to build on crucial, core skills required for both GCSE and Entry Level qualifications. The aim is to develop resilient, independent learners thus equipping them for the future. We believe very much in a growth mindset approach, where we focus on the belief that students (and adults) can change their learning behaviours resulting in success; the focus is on the effort and the challenge.


Each half term sees a new class text used as a stimulus to building on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Both fiction and non-fiction texts are studied; modern and pre-19th century; written and visual, and with such a variety, pupils are engaged and motivated.

The main reading skills are:

  • to read fluently with good understanding
  • to select and retrieve relevant details from a text
  • to understand and comment on the writers’ use of language and structural choices
  • to comment on the intentions of the writer and effects on the reader.
  • to understand the context of a text.

The main writing skills are:

  • to communicate in a clear, confident and fluent tone, showing a clear understanding of the purpose, format and audience.
  • to develop ideas / details/reasons /explanations
  • to organise work appropriately
  • to use a variety of relevant vocabulary, sentence structures and punctuation.

Speaking and listening activities involve taking part in a number of discussions where pupils:

  • put forward a point of view, speaking clearly and confidently
  • select language appropriate to the situation and audience
  • listen to and respond to the views of others.


At Key Stage 4, students have the opportunity to gain two GCSEs: English Language and English Literature, as well as Entry Level (1-3) and Functional Skills (Level 1). At the Elland Academy we follow the Eduqas Exam Board. Careful monitoring and intervention takes place regularly in order to remove any barriers to learning, then strategies are put in place to assist progress. During this key stage, we continue to build upon the skills developed earlier in the curriculum, leading to the final examinations. All GCSE qualifications are 100% exam (grade 1-9).

GCSE English Language:

  • Component 1: section A is the study of 20th century fiction which is assessed with a series of five questions. Section B is the production of narrative writing.
  • Component 2: section A is the comparative study of non-fiction texts, from the 19th and 21st centuries. Section B is the production of transactional, writing.

GCSE English Literature:

  • Component 1: Shakespeare and Poetry. For this exam the students will study Romeo and Juliet alongside a selection of poems from 1789 onwards.
  • Component 2: Post 1914 drama, 19th century prose and unseen poetry. For this exam the students will study An Inspector Calls, A Christmas Carol and be tested on their ability to read an unseen poem..

Revision guides are available from school for all components of these exams.

Useful revision websites


www.youtube.co.uk (Mr Bruff - on You tube)